Swami Shri Purnananda Ji Maharaj

SRARC came into being by the teachings and blessings of Swami Shri Purnananda Ji Maharaj

Over the years, many torch bearers from Bharat have gone there to spread the message of Vedic Dharma amongst the Indian population. They stayed for variable lengths of time, and set up or helped to set up associations or formal institutions to carry on their work.

Guruji is considered as one of the religious leaders having had the biggest influence in the life of the Hindus of Mauritius. He was a pioneer in the organization of processions "in the sanatanist way" by interpreting bhajanas and kirtans (pious songs) and by popularizing prayer sessions such as the Bhagwat Katha and by establishing traditional ashrams in the country.

Many Hindu sects and missions have established themselves in Mauritius. Ramakrishna Mission, Chinmaya Mission, Divine Life Society are a few of them which were set up by the visit of religious preachers or Swamis. They are all actively contributing in strengthening and promoting our culture and religion here.

Unique contribution to Mauritius, but the work and mission of Swami Purnanand ji is unique. He created an indigenous mission in Mauritius. He arrived in Mauritius in the pre-independence period in 1962 from Kenya. He had a clear vision about the mission ahead.

He adopted the till then unpopular katha and bhajans to arouse the Hindu society. As expected, the bhajans and kathas soon mesmerized the Hindu community in Mauritius. In fact, it is common knowledge that bhajan and kjrtan singing groups have increased and are present in all localities, and are very active. Swami ji has performed hundreds of such kathas in so many remote villages apart from the bigger ones and towns in Mauritius

He established the Sarvodaya Ashram to begin with. Instead of going back to Kenya in 1968, from where he arrived, he decided to personally continue the work in his own style of bhajan singing. This was no doubt the most appropriate method at a given period in our social and religious evolution.

His several ashrams in Mauritius have guest-houses where numerous religious and socio-cultural workers have stayed from periods ranging from days to years.

He was a well-wisher and strong supporter of Sangh. Veteren Sangh Pracharaks Lakshmanroa Bhide, Madhavroa Banhatti, Dr. Yashwant ji Pathak, Dr. Shankarrao Tatwawadi and several others have stayed at Sarvodaya Ashram, Triolet over the last 4 decades. In recognition of the service of Swamiji the Mauritian government granted him Mauritian nationality.

Swamiji was born in Bharat, grew up in Kenya, acquired British citizenship but worked all his life for the well being of the Hindu community in Mauritius. Mauritian Hindus are honoured that he belonged to them. Swami ji served Mauritius for fifty four long years. Swami Purnanand ji was just not an individual He was an institution. He is among the foremost religious preachers who have left an indelible imprint in the life of thousands of Hindus in Mauritius. He was a living legend. He has traveled to the nook and corner of the island to spread the great values and virtues of Hinduism.

He toiled tirelessly and selflessly for the last fifty four years to make the Hindu society here firmly rooted in their culture and tradition.

This is work that has to be sustained and supported by all who want to leave a legacy of true culture to our children. 'They are battered on all sides by superficial values which are presented in a very attractive, commercialised form whether in matters of dress, food habits, behaviour amongst themselves and with respect to their families and others. In such an environment, the efforts of elders and dedicated messengers such as Swami Purnanand ji must be multiplied at all levels of society so as to give the present and coming generations a sense of direction for their survival with heads held high in this jungle that we call modern civilization.

To mark his 75th birth anniversary and completion of 40 years of yeomen service to the Hindu community of Mauritius, a Dharma Jagaran Abhiyan was held at more than 10 places. Stone - laying ceremony of Bharat Mata Mandir at Vacoas was done at the hands of by Mahamandaleshwar Vishweshwaranand ji.

Golden Jubilee of spiritual service celebrated in 2012th

A National Committee was formed to mark his 86 birth anniversary and completion of 50 years of yeomen service to the Hindu community of Mauritius. A 10-day Ram Katha was performed by Pujya Sant Atul Krishna Bharadwaj ji of Brindavan, Mathura, and Bharat.

He left for Heavenly Abode in the early hours of 22 July 2016 at Triolet Ashram.

SRARC takes its inspiration from Swami Ji and every part of the organisation is inspired by Swami Ji's teachings and his blessings.

Established in 2009, SRARC provides astrology services, research, certification programmes as well as religious services around the world.

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