SRARC Certification Programme

SRARC provides a certification program for astrologers who want to advance their skills in astrology. In establishing the educational requirements for SRARC certification, educators from top astrology schools around the world have been consulted. Many of their recommendations have been incorporated into this program.

To become an SRARC Certified Astrologer, applicants must provide documentation that they have met all educational and skill requirements as outlined below. A certification committee reviews all exams and documentation. Upon successful completion of all components of certification, an applicant will receive a Certificate of Astrological Proficiency (CAP) and become an SRARC Certified Astrologer.

SRARC certification can be completed in stages. Records will be maintained by SRARC until all requirements are met.

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Established in 2009, SRARC provides astrology services, research, certification programmes as well as religious services around the world.

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