Acharya Pandit Amit Pandey Ji

Acharya Ji is the founder of SRARC. Read below about his childhood, life, and inspirations.

In the scenario of both the western and the eastern philosophies of the astrology, Acharya Pt. Amit Pandey has carved the niche through his expertise and enlightment of spirituality he has been one of the exponents in the fields of astrology who propagated spirituality and Vedic literature through Sanatan dharma values.

Acharya Ji was born at the village Rajapur of the Jhansi uttar Pradesh (INDIA) in 1982. He has since been childhood inclined to domain of spirituality and studied astrology from Devi Ahilya Vishva- Vidhayalaya (DAVV University) of Indore (M.P.) he belongs to astrologer family which has been dominant history more than centuries.

At the age of 16, he started learning from Sanskrit scholar Shri Krishna Chandra Shastri of Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh and began conduciting Shrimad Bhagwat Khathas and Kirtans. With blessings of his spiritual gurus and expertise in astrology, he visited across the country and abroad.

In Mauritius, he enlightened himself through the teachings of Swami Shri Parmanand Ji Maharaj and became his staunch disciple. He got enlighment and blessing of swami shri parmanandjee and started Shri Bhagwat Kathas, Ramayan Kathas religious mass preaching astrology practice at global level, he decided to promote and propagate Sanathan Dharma and Astrology Science to serve humanity.

Acharya Ji is a spiritual leader and astrologer who has been sharing his blessings and spiritual enlightment through his expertise across the world. He has thousands of disciples across the globe.

An astrologer must have some qualities, like pure analytical brain, psychoanalytical capacity, intuition, mathematical calculation, quick response and many more, but in spite of that a good astrologer must have his guru’s blessings.

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Established in 2009, SRARC provides astrology services, research, certification programmes as well as religious services around the world.

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